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In 1991 a group of independent law firms from various European countries decided to join forces and establish a network whose aim will be to offer high quality services to customers of all 27 EU states. This led to the foundation of NOMOS Lawyers International (NLI).

So far NLI has connected lawyers from 11 EU member states in Western and Central European regions plus Brazil. In many instances, the partners in the member firms know each other very well and have worked together on cross-border business for a number of years. The international aspect and cross-border working experience are the main advantages NLI has got to offer. Using their knowledge, NLI tries to focus on the delivery of practical results. They seek to explain the impact of differences in various national legal jurisdictions on business and personal issues. They offer a high quality, personalized service for small and large transactions in a truly cost-effective manner.

The ethos of members of NLI is to treat clients not just as free producers but as ‘partners in business’. NLI seeks to provide social and professional support for individual lawyers within smaller independent law firms in the interests of wider International legal understanding. It is a valuable source of information for its members on European and national policy and legal development. It is fundamental for the strength of the network to maintain a perfect, flawless reputation of its members.

NOMOS Lawyers International enables clients who require legal opinions involving a foreign element to obtain this through their personal lawyer using a member firm within NLI. They can have confidence that they will receive an equally high standard of work from the foreign firm as from their personal lawyer, since all members of NLI are committed to the development and dissemination of best practice. If required, client’s personal lawyer will continue to be involved throughout and will explain the foreign opinion and manage the relationship with the foreign firm.

For further information please visit the NLI website www.nomosli.eu.

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